Thursday, May 31, 2012


May 29th, Tim's Birthday! Happy birthday Tim.. So Tim did what he wanted for the day which was to try a few different fishing places. We started with Tim getting his fishing license at a local sporting goods store and we continued on to Estes Lake.  The lake is  man made and is located right next to a golf course. It has a 10 kilometer walkway/bike trail around it. For part of the way it winds along the Fall River which was Tim's second stop for fishing.

On the golf course were at least a dozen young elk. They stood around, laid down, and ate the grass until someone hit a golf ball near them. When the golfer arrived to hit his ball, they just moved on down the green.

While Tim fished, I walked the path to Riverwalk which runs along the river aand behind the shops and restaurants along the on Elk Horn Avenue downtown.  The downtown was revitalized after it was flooded out in 1982 by the Lawn Lake flood. A dam built in 1903 let go and the floodwaters descended upon the town. Two campers in the Park died while trying to save their camping equipment even after being warned not to do it.

The day was wonderful with bright blue skies, billowy white clouds and just a touch of a breeze. With the low 70 temperature, it was perfect.

No fish caught at this lake or river, so we headed downstream where Tim did some fly fishing. Again to no avail, but he had a lot of fun trying!

Estes Park is a charming little town which we really enjoyed. We had dinner in town and headed home. Relaxing, down day.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Tim.
    Looking Good! Brenda