Friday, July 13, 2012


July 10th, Tuesday

We left Zion taking the southern route out of the park as we did not want to venture out the east exit through the tunnel we had driven through on the way to Bryce. We would have had to leave the car off the tow and drive it out separately and then hook it up once we found a level place the other side of the tunnel. Probably would have been about 21 miles before we could do that. The ride was uneventful and we arrived in Jacob Lake about an hour outside of the North Rim around 1pm. Our reservations inside the park are not until the 13th and since we had the extra 3 days that we did not go to Bryce, we came up into the cooler air sooner than originally planned. The North Rim Campground had no opening for these 3 nights, so we will stay just outside the park until the 13th.

After setting up and having lunch, we drove into the Grand Canyon North Rim Park and went to the Lodge. Once there, we could not resist a 30 minute hike down to the Bright Angel Point Overlook. And I mean hike! It's not very long, only .5 miles, but it is extremely steep and very narrow at a couple of points where the walkway dangles (not really, but it felt like it) over the canyon. In a couple of places, I just could not look down without getting dizzy and scared to death. I was not alone. I saw a few other folks hugging those rocks too! The sights were spectacular and a wonderful introduction to the Grand Canyon.

Views from Bright Angel Point
After a cooling drink, we headed back to the RV to make our plans for the remaining time in the area.

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