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Sunday, June 24th

We were determined to start this day off earlier than yesterday while it was still a little cooler as the day promised to be quite hot in the afternoon. Can you believe we have gone from being so cold to now worrying about being hot?

We were up and out on our way to Jenny Lake by 8:15am and arrived there in time to get a 9 o’clock boat shuttle over to Teewinot Mountain. Teewinot is the indian spelling of Teton. The boat shuttle was a quick 15 minute ride across the lake to the mouth of Cascade Canyon.

Trail to Hidden Falls
The trail head for Hidden Falls started immediately upon disembarking from the shuttle. We put on our backpacks, grabbed our hiking sticks and we were off. The climb to Hidden Falls is a “Moderate” hike climbing 150 feet in .6 miles climbing over rocks, tree trunks, and fallen branches.
Before we reached the Falls, we could hear them and see the cascades below the Falls. The Falls were magnificent-another Mother Nature wonder!
Cascades from Falls
Hidden Falls
We continued on the trail to Inspiration Point. This trail is given a “Moderate-Strenuous” rating. We climbed another 270 feet in elevation over another .5 miles.
Halfway up there is a point called Contemplation Plateau
Contemplation Plateau

where most folks rest and contemplate if they want to continue! We did and were glad of it.
Trail to Inspiration Point
Kate Hiking Up the Inspiration Point Trail

Tim Hiking Up the Inspiration Point Trail

 While the climb was steep and difficult, the views of Jenny Lake and the Teton Range were incredible.

We stopped for a breather and then continued for about another mile and one half up into the Cascade Canyon Trail hoping to see wildlife (yes we had our bear spray with us!) Apparently, we turned around too soon as another hiker on the way down said he had seen moose just a short way farther than we had gone.

Our total hike was about 550 feet in elevation just over two miles. Pretty steep! Our total miles were 4.3 with a total time of 3 hours with many stops thrown in for resting and picture taking. I believe our legs are getting stronger as we tackle more difficult climbs.

We had quite an invigorating morning and planned to relax some at String Lake for the afternoon. We drove over there and launched our canoe. The lake is crystal clear, cool and inviting.
String Lake
Fun on the Water at String Lake

 We canoed almost the length of the lake, beached the canoe and had lunch. Tim went off to catch some of those fish we saw yesterday while I sat, relaxed, read and actually cooled off in the icy cold waters every once in a while. Alas! No fish for dinner. As it turned out, they were nonedible fish called “suckers.” Tim hooked several of them but they were so powerful, they snapped the line. Just as well if we couldn’t eat them. An interesting fellow from Germany stopped to chat with Tim. He had a submersible movie camera which he tied to a stick and attempted several times to film the school of fish under the foot bridge. All to no avail, but Tim had fun watching the shenanigans he went through to try to get the shot.

After a final refreshing cold dip in the lake, we paddled back to the take out area, loaded up the canoe and headed home. Another long but wonderful day to add to our memory banks.
Tim and Kate at Hidden Falls

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