Saturday, June 9, 2012


By early Wednesday morning the 6th, the temperature outside was down to 30 and it was lightly snowing. The temperature inside was 44!!! Tim jump started the batteries and started the generator a half hour early.  Once the RV warmed up to 66, I roused from under the multitude of blankets piled on top of me. We were thankful that the water pipes and tank didn’t freeze and Tim was thankful that I insisted on buying wool navy watch caps in Estes Park. He actually wore his this morning under  his sweatshirt hood inside the RV.  
Once the RV warmed up, we put on our long johns under our jeans and polar fleece jackets, donned our wool caps and off we went to see what was around us. The Lake is a stone’s throw from us as is the Marina and a small store. Up the road about 4 miles is Lake Village where there is a Post Office, a General Store, and an Inn and the Yellowstone Lodge which doesn't even open until June 10th.  The marina offers tours of the lake, boat rentals and fishing after June 15th. We  won't be canoeing on it until then either..way too cold right now.

We drove up the road towards the Canyon Village and saw many bison along the side of the road as well as beautiful panoramic views of the mountains over the Lake. We also saw a wolf in one of the meadows. Along the way there were many geysers and we decided to stop and hike around them another day. We went up to Norris Campground and Canyon Campground looking for a more scenic site to camp. We found one at Canyon and decided to stay where we are until June 12th and then spend the second week there at Canyon so we would be closer to the top loop of the park at that time. This week we will tour the lower half. On the way home we did stop to see the Brink of the Falls and were rewarded with several rainbows over the cascading, misting water.

Beautiful sight! We will hike and tour more of the Canyon and Falls another day. It was getting late in the day and not any too warm.
The weather is cold! It will be 27 tonight and maybe up to 60 tomorrow. With the wind, however, it feels much colder. At least the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Hopefully, no snow tonight. We think we have the generator and battery situation under control, so I believe that tonight we will also have heat!

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