Tuesday, June 19, 2012


June 19th

We’ve seen so much! From North to South and East to West encompassing the entire Grand Loop. We’ve seen geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, mud volcanos, lakes, streams, rivers, mountains, falls, and canyons. We’ve walked, hiked, and driven through the most incredible landscapes and seen gorgeous vistas. We’ve seen grizzly bear, black bear, elk, moose, bison, marmots, coyote, wolf, mountain goats, long horned sheep and pronged horned deer.

We were once asked why we would stay in Yellowstone for 2 full weeks. While we have seen a lot, there are still trails, lakes, and mountains we did not explore. You could spend a lot more than two weeks here and still not see it all.

Our last few days have been spent at a leisurely pace with Tim fishing for a morning and our returning to the Firehole area to view the Artist’s Paint Pots and the Fountain Paint Pot.
Fouintain Paint Pots

In fact, on our way back from there today, the Bison helped us celebrate our last day! They led a parade right down the Grand Loop road for 10 miles. We were 10 cars back from them and the Ranger cars that eventually came to prod them along. It was really like a modern day cattle drive.

It took us almost one and a half hours to go 10 miles. Some of them lagged behind and kept going in between the cars. At one point they came so close to the car, that I could have reached out and touched them from the passenger seat.  Scared the heck out of me when I had focused my camera on one by the side of the road and another one came right up to the window!
Lagging Behind the Herd

Up Close and Personal with NO Zoom!
We’ve enjoyed our time in Yellowstone despite the cold. And now we are off to the Teton National Park where we are looking forward to many more adventures. The Tetons are just outside the southern entrance to Yellowstone and not more than a two hour drive from here. Colter Bay here we come!

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