Friday, June 15, 2012


The rain stopped early this morning, Thursday the 14th, so Tim went out early down to Hayden Valley to see if he could catch some wildlife before all the traffic started on the Grand Loop Road. He was rewarded with Pronged Horned Deer and another Grizzly Bear that walked right across the road to a copse of trees where the Deer were. He chased them out of the trees and they went running across the meadow. We would have been running too!

Pronged Horn Deer Running from Grizzly Bear

After breakfast, we drove up towards Tower Falls. Along the way, we stopped frequently to take pictures of the Washburn and the Absoroka Mountain ranges. We drove up the Chittendon road to the trailhead for the Washburn Overlook. We climbed a short way up and decided to put this one on hold. It would be hike with an elevation increase of 1400 feet and a 6 mile round trip.
Washburn Mountain Range

Perhaps another day or perhaps not at all! The views of the snow covered mountain ranges and valley below were a whole different terrain than the lower caldera area of Yellowstone where the geysers and hot springs are abundant.

Continuing up the Grand Loop towards Tower-Roosevelt area we stopped and took a short trail to the Tower Falls. The longer trail of a mile was closed as it was washed out, but still were able to see the beauty of these falls through the rugged peaks.
Tower Falls

On our way north to Roosevelt Lodge, we spotted mountain goats on the far wall of the canyon. It's mystifying as to how they survive so high up on rock.. not sure how they get down the valley to water, but they must manage somehow.
Mountain Goat with Baby up the Hill a bit.

The canyon views along the route were beautiful once again with the Yellowstone River meandering in some spots and rushing in others. The cliff and rock formations are exquisite.
Yellowstone River through the Canyon

When we arrived at Roosevelt Lodge, we had lunch and walked the steep trail to Lost Creek Falls. This is a 40 foot waterfall, but we walked up an elevation of 200 feet in 2 tenths of a mile along the brook to see them. The trail was narrow, rocky and treacherous towards the top so we stopped, saw the falls and retraced our steps back down the steep incline. This proves that you shouldn't believe every thing you read. It was published as an "easy gradual incline." I don't think so!!
Lost Lake Falls
Heading Back Down the Trail

Tired from our hiking yesterday, we called it a day and headed back to the campground. Along the way we spotted 2 Rangers by the side of the road. They were doing traffic control on a narrow stretch as there was a Black Bear and her Cub just about 50 feet or so from the road.  Now we've seen both types of bear in Yellowstone.. all from the car!
Black Bear and Cub on Grand Loop Road Above Canyon Village

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