Tuesday, June 12, 2012


On Monday morning, June 11th, we packed a lunch once again and headed out to explore more of this wonderful Park. This time we were hoping to actually put the canoe in a lake, so we headed south through West Thumb and down to Lewis Lake.

This Coyote walked right across the road in front of us. I snapped this through the window. We recognized it as a coyote as it was too small for a wolf and too large for a fox. We showed it to one of the rangers and he confirmed it. He told us it was actually in good shape and still had its winter coat.

Unfortunately, it was still a little too chilly to put the boat in the water!
Tim Heading to the Boat Ramp

Lewis Falls
Lewis River
Since this was a no go, we drove back up the road and found a pullout so we could have lunch and Tim could try his luck fishing at the side of the lake. Too windy for fishing, though, so we headed down the road to see the Lewis Falls. The scenery along the way home along the river and the lake were once again spectacular.
Absaroka Mountain Range Over Yellowstone Lake

Moving day came on Tuesday, June 12th. We cleaned up, packed up, and filled up the propane and fuel tanks on our way to Canyon Village Campground at the midway mark on the east side of the Grand Loop. We had found a really nice wooded site the last time we had explored up here and they reserved it for us for this week. We are thrilled with the location and the proximity to showers, laundry, stores and the ever important wifi and phone access that we now have at the Canyon Lodge.
Tomorrow we'll begin exploring the Canyon area including the South and North Rim drives and the Upper and Lower Falls. We seem to be in a warming trend up to high 60s today and maybe 70s tomorrow..we shall see!

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  1. Can't believe the weather you are having! Hope it does warm up as predicted so you can use the canoe. Enjoying the blog and the photos. The Canyon is beautiful, isn't it?
    We are in Gloucester, weather not great but better than yours! Looking forward to being on the road again!

    Paula and Dale